Internet is changing the conduct of doing business all over the world and it is establishing the same change in economies like Pakistan. One the see this major shift by taking into account the trends of retailers and businesses. The tendency of online shopping has been caught up quickly in last few years in Pakistan.

This growth can be observed by the increasing number of online market places like C2C (consumer-to-consumer) and B2C (business-to-consumer). They are all targeting online marketing, buying and selling of vast collection of products like fashion and apparel, electronics, books, toys and jewellery etc.


n Pakistan this trend get more support from urban population specially our youths. They have much awareness about the internet and wireless technologies.This can be demonstrated by the use of internet, websites, social media, forums, blogging and reviews and ratings. These are all used to broadcast product details and information.


Other major aspects behind this growth are the benefits of online shopping, actually attracting the population and retailers to adopt this way of doing business and transactions. Online shopping offer very easy and convenient way for retailers to showcase huge range of products at a single place. And without geographic restrictions they can sell to anyone from anywhere. They do not have to show every product separately to crowds.

It is also very attractive for consumers.  An online buyer can shop products with comfort without any hassle, he has the comparability of prices offered by different retailers, he can make his choice from a huge collection at a place, and he can get product on low prices without incurring additional expenses on travelling. Such attributes of online shopping making it clear to people that they have a very advantageous way of doing it.


Keeping in view the awareness among people and the charming benefits of online shopping; it will have a great boosting future in Pakistan. You can observe this growth from last 5 years and its accelerating pace it the evidence that in future it will become more familiar among people. You can notice that other local businesses in our country have realized that they cannot be successful without having an online store for those segments of buyers want to shop online; ultimately they are establishing their online stores. Somehow all well-known brand names now have online stores in front to facilitate their physical in-store activities.

With having 23 million people using internet, the future of online shopping seems to be brighter. It is more likely that in upcoming five years about 25% of local population and businesses will adapt this trend. No doubt in cases physical shopping and stores has very much importance, beside this from now online shopping tendency will never come to an end.

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