What Exercise Should You Do for Your Fitness Goals?

Getting fit is one of those goals that everyone and their mother has but somehow never achieves. If you’re a blessed soul who has their goals on track – kudos to you! But if you’re looking for that little push of motivation, this quiz might just be the answer to your woes. We’ll see! 

Just play on to see which type of exercise will get you on the way to being your fittest self! 

What kind of exercise do you enjoy doing the most?


Strength training

Circuits and HIIT

Yoga and Pilates

How long do you work out on average?

30 minutes

60 minutes

15-20 minutes

LOL I don’t workout

What’s the hardest part of a workout?


Finding strength!


Doing cardio

What aspect of exercise do you like the most?


The fat loss

The strength gain

The stress relief

What part of your workout are you AWESOME at?

Staying committed

Keeping stamina up

Seeing progress

None of these

What’s your workout goal?

Just get moving

Fat loss

Muscle gain

Maintaining fi

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